My bold and high contrast style of painting dares to transform a transient memory and emotion into a striking statement.

Often using (mute!) old family cine films as inspiration they show the struggle to communicate the innermost. The spray painted words and patterned backgrounds add a graphic quality to the works and invite the viewer to join into a discussion. 

Painting for me is a journey back to a non communicative childhood and a way to reinvent and find higher meaning in the Now.


I was born and raised in Freiburg, Germany (1970). I studied art at the local art school and after my studies moved to Berlin where I worked on film productions as well as continuing with my painting. In 1997, I moved to the UK to complete an MA in Film and Television at Bristol University. The following years I successfully managed to paint in my studio at home by earning a living as a freelance TV editor.

Often using films as inspiration, I feel that my career in film and television has always merged with my art works.



I am based in Berlin.











You can also find my artwork at:




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